Rayman Origins Full Access Preview

Outside of the seemingly endless party games on the Wii, it’s increasingly rare to see games designed to be played by (up to) four people in the same room. Rayman Origins is one of them, however, and as 2D throwbacks go, it’s outrageously silly, beautifully animated and surprisingly addictive. As we found out recently, it works great as a single-player game – but what’s it like with four heroes on board? To find out, Chris Antista, Mikel Reparaz, Hollander Cooper and Henry Gilbert packed into our podcast room to record 15 minutes of goofy platforming, testing of different powers, repeated deaths and increasingly loud swearing.

As chaotic as the four-player madness gets, Origins is a lot more fun than we expected it to be (or at least, the parts we’ve played are). Look for it on Nov. 15, when every single other game you want will either release, be on the verge of release or will have just been released.

Mikel Reparaz
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