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Rayman creator devoured by fauna

We got some curious footage of the Rayman development team apparently under siege by nefarious rabbits - or rather, "rabbids." We'd heard that Rayman Raving Rabbids was about bunnies wreaking havoc on the Rayman world, but we had no idea that they had escaped the development environment to harass real, flesh-and-blood people in France.

We've picked up a few new screens of these hateful hares in their "natural" digital environment (which Ubisoft has confirmed is Wii along with "current and next-gen platforms" - which we're pretty confident saying is "every other game machine in existence")as well as a pair of videos. One looks like standard rabbid propaganda for their bid for world domination, but the other is much more chilling. Brace yourself for our video of their devious takedown of poor Michel Ancel (Rayman creator and ideal target for bunny malice). Check out bothflicks via the Movies tab above.

May 24, 2006