Ratatouille - first look

Bigger enemies are more of a problem, of course, so a lot of the action will revolve around stealth, whether it's darting between hiding spots at the market (complete with gigantic, knife-wielding proprietors that looked great on the 360 version) or using a cardboard box to sneak past watchful roosters in the barnyard. Getting caught doesn't look too pleasant, but at least it's more interesting to be chased around by a mammoth, angry-looking butcher than it is to hide from the pacing robots that populate most other sneaking games.

While the assorted versions of Ratatouille will share elements in common, we're told that the Xbox 360/PS3 version will sport different level designs than the PS2, GameCube and Wii versions (which will likely be identical, except for the Wii's motion-sensitive controls). Additionally, each version will feature its own unique multiplayer minigames, with the 360 and PS3 able to support four players and all other versions limited to two.

Regardless of differences, the Wii and 360 versions both look pretty charming. Remy and the other characters we saw were brilliantly animated (and awful cute) even in this early version, and Pixar fans will be pleased to know that the movie's cast is onboard to voice their characters. Look for this one to hit alongside the movie in June.