Rainbow Six image dossier

Friday 22 September 2006
This latest batch of Rainbow Six Vegas images show off the game's multiplayer character creation editor, where you can sculpt your own hard-boiled Rainbow operative to take into the online hot zone. There's also a trio of shots showing some multiplayer action kicking off in a casino, complete with rows of slot machines and a high-rise rappelling moment in a derelict warehouse.

We've already been impressed by the single-player element of Vegas, showcased in a massive trailer we uncovered last month, which you can peek at by hitting the movies tab above. If Rainbow Six's multiplayer action manages to mix the same amount of heavily detailed environments, high-action shootouts and brain-taxing tactical manoeuvres, then Vegas will set a new benchmark for the terrorism-bashing series.

Above: Give your multiplayer character a cool scar, just like you've always wanted

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