Rainbow Islands Revolution

The original Rainbow Islands is, without question, one of the greatest platform games ever made. The vertical rainbow-fuelled play is unique, and it's totally unafraid of syrupy cuteness and juicy fruit bonuses.

And it's the sequel to Bubble Bobble, which is undeniably one of the greatest platform games ever made. What is uncertain is whether anyone is going to mess this up like they messed up Bubble Bobble Revolution. Fingers crossed, no.

Rainbow Islands Revolution clearly isn't your traditional colour-chucking romp, since Bub and Bob are trapped in floaty bubbles now, and the aim is to glide upwards, 'parking' in safe places and using the stylus to scribble enemy-scuppering rainbows.

Still, it seems to work well from what we've seen so far, and the spirit of the 20-year-old original game- pretty levels, adorable enemies, shedloads of power-ups and the rainbows of fruit flavour- seems intact.

Harvest Moon artist Igusa Matsuyama, who designed Bubble Bobble Revolution's visuals, is back on board for this. Later levels include more puzzly elements, such as fans that cruelly waft you on to the kind of spikes that bubbles find it difficult to make friends with.

We'll find out if our bubbly excitement is popped very soon.