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RadarPlays - Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman

This is the story of the bravest cowboy who ever lived. Or samurai. Or both. Lucas, Henry, and Greg team up to tackle this bizarre PS1 game, which tells the tale of a sword-wielding sheriff and his adventures in the Old West. Expect much slashing of samurai midsections, as well as deep-set confusion over terrible six-shooter controls. But no matter what you think of the gameplay, there's no denying that Rising Zan has one of the best intro cutscenes ever made.

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Lucas Sullivan
Lucas Sullivan

Lucas Sullivan is the former US Managing Editor of GamesRadar+. Lucas spent seven years working for GR, starting as an Associate Editor in 2012 before climbing the ranks. He left us in 2019 to pursue a career path on the other side of the fence, joining 2K Games as a Global Content Manager. Lucas doesn't get to write about games like Borderlands and Mafia anymore, but he does get to help make and market them.