Race To Witch Mountain trailer online

The first trailer for Disney’s new take on the Witch Mountain films, Race To Witch Mountain, is now online here:

Race, which finds two alien kids trying to return home, is an updated romp based on Escape To Witch Mountain and Return To Witch Mountain, both of which were made back in the 1970s.

This new version is directed by Andy Fickman, who brought us The Game Plan, and his Game star Dwayne Johnson, who plays a cabbie trying to help the extraterrestrial teens find their crashed ship.

Carla Gugino

In addition to The Artist Formerly Known As The Rock, Race features AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig, plus appearences by Kim Richardson and ke Eisenmann who were- trivia alert! - the kids in the original Witch Mountain.

But more importantly, the lovely Carla Gugino co-stars as a scientist aiming to prove that aliens exist, who gets rather more than she bargained for when Dwayne and the kids pitch up at a UFO convention she's attending.

Oh, and there's an evil cyborg nasty out to kill them, created by Amalgamated Dynamics, who have worked on the last few Alien and Predator movies. If that's not scary enough, Ciaran Hinds plays an alien-hunting government goon.

Total Film got a look at some other footage at Comic Con this year and we were quite impressed. True, it’ll be throwaway, but fun too, and hopefully one not just for the kids.

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