PT remade in old Apple Macintosh graphics is still scary

(Image credit: Ryan Trawick)

A fan-made remake of PT done in the style of old Apple Macintosh games is a testament to the effectiveness of Kojima's looping, atmospheric nightmare.

The recreation was made over two weekends using HyperCard, an ancient development tool for Macintosh computers. While impressively and faithfully realized, developer Ryan Trawick took some small creative liberties when making Hyper PT, including adding a few surprises and trimming a few bits from the original game. As to what's different, Trawick says "you'll just have to play to find out."

You can download Hyper PT here and pay what you want (or nothing). Though it's obviously most at home on a 30-year-old Apple, you can play the remake on Windows PC, Linux, and Mac.

Somehow, playing PT without the hyper-realistic graphics is still a pretty unnerving experience. As it turns out, the haunting spirit of the ever-stalking Lisa isn't confined to 3D textures and shadows, even if she isn't busy doing awful things offscreen like she is in the original PT.

You might have noticed a revival of Silent Hills rumors. While we know something Silent Hills-related is in the works from a prominent Japanese horror artist, Kojima himself has said he's closed the door on PT as he works out ideas for a "revolutionary" horror game.

Thanks to Warp Door and PC Gamer for the spot.

While it never evolved into a full game, PT is still considered one of the best horror games of all time.

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