Psychonauts 2 fund-Raz effort earns over $3.3M

Raz and his rag-tag group of psychic weirdos are coming back. Psychonauts 2 has reached its crowdfunding goal with 5 days to spare, garnering over $3.3 million since starting on December 3. Having had over 10 years to envision this moment and cement the perfect response in history, Creative Director Tim Schafer said:

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Oh, wait, there's also this video.

While backers and investors can still contribute to the paranormal platformer through crowdfunding venue Fig for the next few days, today's $3.3M goal is just one component of the final product. San Francisco-based developer Double Fine is also throwing some of its own money into the process (fact: most modern video games fall out of the world’s most expensive toy capsule dispenser), as is an external partner. For it to reach a similar scope as the first game, Psychonauts 2 will cost between $10 million and $13.5 million to develop, Tim Schafer told me.

“We picked 3.3 [million dollars] because it’s a callback to our awesome Broken Age Kickstarter that we did,” he said. “Like we did with Broken Age, we’re also going to pitch in a whole bunch of our own money. So, we’re going to put a chunk of our money in, and we’re bringing in an external partner to bring in another chunk. Each one of those, probably on its own, could not achieve the budget, which together make a budget that’s really in the same ballpark as the first game.”

Psychonauts 2 is headed to PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2018, which gives you enough time to play or read up on the first game's enduring qualities. In the meantime, Double Fine is also releasing Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, a PlayStation VR game that sets up the events of Psychonauts 2.

Ludwig Kietzmann

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