The PlayStation Network is back up and running


After an outage yesterday and last night, the PlayStation Network is back in the land of the living. SCE President Shuhei Yoshida apologised on Twitter and thanked everyone for their patience during those Destiny-less hours. There's been no explanation as to exactly what happened but things are now back up and running smoothly.

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PlayStation has also tweeted that we should look out for news on extensions for PS Now and Plus subscriptions.

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It's not just down for you - the PlayStation Network is having a rough day, with no clear end in sight.

Sony has confirmed an off-kilter start to 2016 for its online service, announcing it's still working to resolve issues that have prevented PlayStation folks from playing online, streaming videos or games, browsing the store, signing into or creating PlayStation Network accounts.

If you want to keep an eye on things as they progress, the official PSN status page has a breakdown of which services are stumbling and which have been restored. At the time of writing, they've all been tinged with red, the official color for bad things are happening.

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Sony has taken to Twitter to confirm its ongoing work on resolving PSN's instability, but has not yet announced an estimated time of completion. On the Plus side, you're probably not the poor soul who has to read some of the more volcanic replies.

Ludwig Kietzmann

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