The PlayStation 4 4.0 update will finally let you sort your games and apps the way you want

Remember when registration to beta test PS4's upcoming 4.0 update opened last month? Well, Sony is finally ready to reveal just what the 4.0 update includes. The PlayStation Blog has the full details, but the short and sweet version is that the user interface is getting a fresh coat of paint, and players will finally - finally! - be able to sort their games and apps the way they want.

Folders will allow PS4 users to sort their content however they so choose. If you want to put your most frequently used programs in one place and relegate the rest to a dark corner of your hard drive, go for it. Me, I'm all about that alphabetization. Mmm, so organized and clean. Your Library will also get new sorting functions, including date, install status, and purchased.

The PS4's Quick Menu (accessed by holding the PlayStation button) and Share Menu (accessed via the Share button) are also getting revamped, and will take up less space and respond quicker. Lastly, your profile and trophies are getting some love, with a new offline mode for viewing trophies and more customization options for your profile.

The rollout date for update 4.0 has yet to be announced, but with the beta starting imminently - registrants should be getting an email this week - I expect it won't be long until the rest of us get access to these toys.

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Sam Prell

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