PS4 online multiplayer is free in Europe this weekend

Are you a dyed-blue PlayStation fan who still doesn't cotton with this whole 'paying for multiplayer' thing? I've got some good news: for a 72-hour window this weekend, you can pretend like you're back in the freewheeling online days of PS2 and PS3.

PlayStation Europe has announced that it will kick off a free multiplayer weekend for PS4 at 6 am GMT on February 13. Players will be free to hop online in any given multiplayer game, from Destiny to GTA V to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (assuming you own the game in question - it's not that free of a weekend).

The other benefits of a PS Plus subscription don't apply, so you won't be able to download all this month's free games, you little scamp. You also won't receive PS Plus discounts or access to cloud storage for saves. But free online multiplayer? That you will definitely get, at least until 6 am GMT rolls around on Monday.

PlayStation US hasn't announced any intention to join in on the free-play fun, but I'll update this story if that changes.

Connor Sheridan

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