PS3 firmware 2.4 could be the one...

The PS3's next big firmware update, version 2.4, is again under the spotlight today as more rumours point towards the inclusion of in-game XMB features and other surprises.

It was already semi-confirmed by SCEE's Ray Maguire wayback in March that "in-game communication" would make the 2.4 update, scheduled for "summer", further substantiated today by rumours on Gaming Age, who claim to have confirmation from an unnamed source.

PS3 Trophies - a system thought to be Sony's answer to Microsoft's Achievement Points - is also expected in the update, after hints of "Trophy Support" recently turned up in a fact sheet for upcoming PSN game, PixelJunk Eden, due out this summer.

Sony UK says "no comment" but we expect official confirmation soon.

Courtesy of CVG

May 30, 2008