ProStroke Golf: Signed, sealed, developed

Thursday 17 August 2006
Thanks to its unique and finely honed control system (it's a no-cheap-button-presses or single-analogue-stick-swing zone), impressive roster of golfing pros and fairway favourites to master, ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 promises to be a bona fide treat for gamers seeking an authentic virtual golfing experience.

As ProStroke Golf's developer, Gusto Games, finally reaches the 19th hole (the game is out for PC, PS2 and Xbox tomorrow), we've chipped 10 quick-fire questions in the direction of producer Straun Robertson before he steps out to buy some new golfing shoes (because he's got a hole in one...).

How long have you been working on ProStroke Golf?
Just over a year now. There was some technology in place before we started but most of the work has been done over the last year.

What has been the high point of the project?
I think the first time that ProStroke started to feel right. We'd been mucking around with various cameras and weighting systems and then, suddenly, it just clicked and it was great.

And the low point?
Not being the first person to get the hole in one.

Describe ProStroke Golf in 10 words or less...
Like golf without the green fees.Or Jimmy Tarbuck.

Above: ProStroke Golf finally delivers a quality, more authentic alternative to EA's Tiger Woods series

What have been the main influences on ProStroke Golf?
Those moments of magic on the local par three course where you make your first birdie or hole your first 10-foot putt.The beautiful Oxfordshire countryside around our offices.

What element of ProStroke Golf are you most proud of?
TheProStrokecontrol system and the editor.Thecontrolsystem has had some amazingly rewarding comments made about it and the editor does some really bleeding edge stuffin the background.

Will you ever play ProStroke Golf now that development is complete?
Yes. It's odd but when I watch golf on TV I always wish I'd brought a dev kit home so I can give the game a quick blast.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt while developing ProStroke Golf that you can apply to future projects?
That everyone on the team has good ideas.Sometimes.

What's next now ProStroke Golf is out the door?
Now that would be telling...

Why should gamers spend their hard-earned cash on ProStroke Golf...?
Because it's different - we didn't go out and copy anyone and the result is something fresh; something that people just seem to find an affinity with when they first use the controls.