Project Gotham Racing 4 - interview

It's difficult to keep the fourth game in any series fresh - especially when it's a racer. But this is a fact that the lads at Bizarre Creations are well aware of...

Bikes and weather effects are the biggest touting points of PGR4 - but web and community lead Ben Ward assures us they're more than just for show. In fact, he reckons this'll be the best installment since PGR2. Here's hoping...

Including Metropolis Street Racer, this is your fifth racer. What else can you do in the genre?

Ward: Well I think the feature list of PGR4 says it all. This time around we're adding dynamic weather, motorcycles, a new party-based matchmaking system, the most detailed tournament system yet seen on Xbox Live, PGR On Demand, a nations-based statistics website, and a brand new Career Mode.

So yeah, there's lots of new stuff. We understand that there's a danger of the fourth version of any franchise becoming stale, and that's why our design team has gone to town with new features in PGR4.

Not only is there all that good stuff I just mentioned, but also probably our broadest vehicle selection yet, and in my opinion the best set of cities since PGR2.

Where does Bizarre racing team go after PGR4? Well, we'd like to get this one out the door first.