Project Gotham Racing 3 Cheats

Project Gotham Racing 3 Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by tommy


    Cat Champion (10) - Win a Cat & Mouse Event as a player in a non E class vehicle.
    Photographer (10) - Take and save a picture in each of the different cities.
    Team Cone Capture Champion (10) - Be on the winning team of a Team Cone Capture Event.
    Tournament Qualifier - Qualify for a tournament and play in the first elimination round.
    Track Builder (10) - Create and save 10 Custom Routes
    Mouse Master (15) - Win a Cat & Mouse Event as the player in the E class vehicle.
    Gotham TV Sports Fan (15) - Watch Gotham TV 10 times; save a Replay of a race
    Arcade Player (15) - Play Geometry Wars 1 and 2 in the garage
    Cone Capture Champion (15) - Win a Cone Capture Event.
    Rank 10 (20) - Get to Rank 10
    Steel Champion (30) - Complete all championships at Steel level
    Gotham Hero (30) - Be featured on Gotham TV
    Ferrari Owners Club (45) - Own all the Ferrari cars
    Lamborghini Owners Club (45) - Own all the Lamborghini Cars
    Exotic Car Club (45) - Own: McLaren F1 LM; Shelby GT 500; Ford GT-40 MK 1; Corvette ZR1; TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve; RUF CTR \"Yellow Bird\"; Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo
    Rank 5 (50) - Get to Rank 5
    Race Against The Clock (50) - Set a lap time for every circuit in Race Against The Clock mode
    Style Racer Badge (50) - 25m powerslide; 10x Combo; 25k Online Kudos; 1k Kudos in a race; Kudos for every maneuver
    Bronze Champion (50) - Complete all championships at Bronze level
    Online Professional (60) - 50 online races; start last/finish first; 3-event win streak; clean race; win each scenario
    Pro Racer Badge (60) - Earn a Platinum medal using manual transmission
    Silver Champion (60) - Complete all championships at Silver level
    Gold Champion (75) - Complete all championships at Gold level
    Rank 1 (80) - Get to Rank 1
    Platinum Champion (100) - Complete all championships at Platinum level

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Concept Cars

    Ford Mustang GTR - 10,000 Kudos
    Nissan GTR - 50,000 Kudos
    Cadillac 16 - 90,000 Kudos
    Ford Supercar Concept - 120,000 Kudos
    Shelby Cobra - 160,000 Kudos
    Toyota GT-One - 230,000 Kudos
    Ford GT90 - 300,000 Kudos
    Shelby GR-1 - 390,000 Kudos
    RUF Supercar Concept - 475,000 Kudos

Project Gotham Racing 3 Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Brennan

    Extra Kudos

    If you are having trouble getting enough Kudos to pass the challenge what you can do is wait near the finish line and do a few 360's without hitting the walls and when you have enough Kudos cross the finish line.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by polishleprechaun

    Great Racing Start

    When you start the race, at first move slightly to the right, then pull over to the left toward the guardrail and pass a few cars. Then cut diagonally into the car to your right (the 3rd place car) to spin it. That car will block the two cars behind it, promising you an easy early lead.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Adam G.

    Fast Turning

    In order to maximise your speed around a corner tap the break at the beginning of the turn while turning the wheel, if you get your timing right you car should slide at a 45 degree angle right beside the inside of the turn. Once past the inside corner let go of the accelerator and tap the break again, this should end your slide in about .5 of a second. Then accelerate slower by not pressing the gas down all the way, once you have gone past the white and red curbs or when you feel you wheels will grip fully accelerate. THIS TAKES PRACTICE! You should use it if you are at a medium lvl or higher in your offline carreer.

Project Gotham Racing 3 Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by ComputerPlayer1

    Geometry Wars 1 & 2

    Just like in PGR2, they've placed geometry wars in the first garage. Once you've chosen the race you will enter, and it brings you to the garage to chose your car- go to "MORE..." at the bottom of the list. The next menue has the choice of "WALK AROUND THIS GARAGE" choose this and it will bring you to the garage. Immediately in front of you and to the right are two arcade machines. One is the original geometry wars from PGR2, and the other is geometry wars retro. These are only demos though, so you have a 3 minute time limit...although props to anyone who can survive the 3 minutes.