It probably took weeks to set up this Nintendo domino rally - the least you can do is watch the video

As a five-year-old child, I thought dominoes were the coolest thing ever, thanks in no small part to Roy Castle, Record Breakers and the fact my family had just got a VCR, allowing me to watch a million dominoes topple whenever I damn well wanted to. Turns out, 25 years later, they still elicit a pleasantly happy response, especially when there's a videogame theme. In this case, a Nintendo theme. Check this out:

Sure, a few dominoes remain upright, which must've annoyed the team setting it up, especially when the most noticeable instance is in the very 'The End' section itself. Never mind. Oh, and in case you're wondering why Sonic's in there (like one YouTube user who says in a very facepalm-baiting manner: "Sonic is Sony, NOT Nintendo!"), it's because the hog's been on Nintendo consoles since the early 2000s. Fair dos.

Enjoyed the video? Bah, you ain't seen nothing yet. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, Roy Castle's still there to enthuse about dominoes, so seeing as we're on the subject, why not check this out too. Sadly no video game references, though. Maybe GR should make something similar around the office to make up for it...

Source: Kotaku

Justin Towell

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