Prey's demo keeps you confined to the intro area, but here's how you can break free

The Prey demo hasn't even been out in the wild for a full week and players are already figuring out ways to circumvent its limitations. From breaking into offices and getting outside the level to glitching into an elevator or using a crossbow to open a door you're not supposed to open, there's all kinds of interesting ways players are breaking free.

Sometimes it's as simple as squeezing into a tight space

Other times you need to bounce a crossbow bolt off some glue to hit a door switch

You can also use the GLOO gun to climb up a broken-down elevator shaft

While this may not be considered breaking the game, it's still a useful secret to know:

Players were known to get a bit creative in Arkane's Dishonored series, but the players of Prey are showing those supernatural assassins how it's really done. For more secrets and tips being discovered in the demo, check out the Prey sub-reddit.

Unfortunately, the demo does not include a talking gun, which was cut from the final build. But hey, at least you can still kick some alien butt (do Typhons have butts?) with some impressive power combos.

Sam Prell

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