Prey Demo

Next thing, the aliens scoop you from the bar and clamp you to the Conveyor of Doom but, hey, at least you're out of the rain. Armed only with your trusty wrench, you're set free after sabotage derails your pod... granddad and Jen aren't so lucky. It's down to you to save them, and the way forward is through a giant pulsating sphincter. It really isn't Tommy's day.

Runningwith an enhanced Doom III engine under its hood, Prey looks impressive - the ship is a living organism, wobbling, dripping, squelching and pulsating grimly. Resistance is initially limited to scavenger-type creatures but soon troops arrive. With guns.

While you must avoid snipers, animals and showers of damaging vomit, the environment is not exclusively hostile: waste pods like giant owl pellets, for instance, can be detonated to clear a path. Also, zombified worker humans will ignore you unless attacked.

Although Tommy stays determinedly atheistic about the whole Cherokee thing, accidents with a rickety bridge, several spikes and his grandfather conspire to unlock his supernatural gifts.