Previously in Hate

You think we’re new to this? Pardon our language, but hating is old hat at GR, sucka. The reality is we poke more ribs and spew more bile than any other game site on the whole darned internets.

And since every other medium enjoys some form of remake, rerun, rerelease, you can’t really hold it against us for shining the spotlight back on some classic GamesRadar cruelty.

Anti-Awards 2007
Yeah, we did the wholepostive awardsrigmarole. But for every BioShock there's ten Vampire Rains and anEscape From Bug Island.

Crap Characters
Bad design 101. A child could've done better -and hopefully will someday. (Yes you, Timmy)

Top Series Run into the Ground
If your favorite franchise has undergone more than four sequels, a shitty TV/movie spin-offand at least one reboot, you’ll find it here.

The 10 Worst Consoles Ever
It's hard out there for a console. Especially when your only exclusives areTurd: The Interactive Movie and Awful 2000.

Damsels You DON'T Want to Save
Screw chivalry! These brutes deserve distress.

Cosplay Gone Bad
What's the lowest form of fandom? Sewing.

Gaming's Ugliest Bastards
These unsightly piles of puke are visual offenders of the fugliest caliber. Let's all point and laugh, shall we.

25 Most Ridiculous Celebrity "Gamers"
Many years ago we discovered that celebrities are very susceptible to money and attention.Of course wedecided toexploitit for yuks.

Unsexy Femme Fatales
The tables have turned and we get to call the women ugly! And then turn them downfor prom... in front of everybody...

You love 'em, we hate 'em
Members of the GR staff take turns shitting on everything you hold dear. Just to be mean!

Fugly Pokemon
Looks aren't everything, but these Pokemon are too hideous for their own good.

The Biggest PR Disasters
We chronicle the embarrassments the industry would rather you forgot.

The Worst Box Art of the Year
Take a look back at the 15 games thatvisually polluted store shelves in 2007

Nintendo mistakes
How Nintendo got their groove back after losing it big-time.

The Most Clueless Box Blurbs in History
Marketing schmooze-hounds don't know jack about games - we can tell by what they write on the boxes.

The Worst Celebrity Voiceovers
Witness the most horrific performances from famous folk in the history of gaming

50 Ways You've Hit Rock Bottom
From Gamer Fuel to Zelda fan fiction, we tell you when fandom goes too far.

Who's buying this crap?
Doing our best to throw a wrench in several unstoppable money-making machines.

The Stupidest Videogame Scenes in Movies
Hate the way Hollywood portrays your favorite hobby? Our clips will make your blood boil.

F**k Halo 3!
Master Chief thinks he's hot snot on a silver platter. We set out to prove he's just a cold booger on a paper plate.

Unfunny Games
They tried to make us laugh. Instead, they just made us angry.

The Games You Don't Want
Lumps of holiday coal are better than these utterly disappointing gifts.

Franchise Embarrassments
What shameful skeletons do these respected series have hidden in their closets?

The 10 Worst Game Intros of All Time
Watch the most awful openings ever without having to play the games.

Franchise Failures
Take a look back at some of the industry's most fantastically disastrous non-starters.

Freakish Fashion
Ten examples of what not to wear, even in a video game

The Worst Jobs For Game Characters
Nobody wants to dig bottomless pits, but some poor sap has to.

The 5 Worst Final Fantasy Couples
Lonely? At least you've got it better than these romantic trainwrecks.

A History of Hate
For 25 years, my dad's game system has been able to beat up your dad's game system. The question is, who's your daddy?