Scooping up a fleeing human with giant, gnarly hands and shaking him as a cat plays with a dazed mouse, before grabbing each leg and tugging him in half. His body rips into two lumps of meat and his legs snap like a chicken wishbone. Aren't games just ace?

Possession enables the player to control a whole army of up to 300 undead zombies, as they tear into and annihilate the forces of good - the cops, security guards, armed forces and citizens plucky enough to dare to fight back. All are ripped, chomped and pulled to pieces, leaving blood splatter and internal organs smeared across the city streets. It's Stubbs without the laughs.

According to the law of videogames, any multinational corporation that messes around with genetics, secret military experiments and the corpses of dead soldiers is bound to cock things up. In Possession, players take on the role of the Enslaver, an undead soldier with the new found ability to reanimate and command legions of the dead, intent on revenge for the horrific experiments he and his comrades have been put through.

Recruiting followers to your undead army is easy enough - you infect them as you go. With a simple command system similar to that of top Commie-basher Freedom Fighters, it doesn't take long before you're giving orders to your rotting minions. A surprising degree of forethought and strategic planning is needed as the player must decide how best to overrun the city. Police precincts can be raised to the ground to avoid cop reinforcements, storming hospitals is vital for assimilating the newly dead and shopping malls are where you'll find new equipment and a healthy supply of fresh meat.

It's not a case of just knocking on the door though - you'll be expected to direct your army like a medieval siege, outsmarting your human opponents in your twisted quest for city-wide domination. Let the streets flow with the blood of the innocent. It's still a long way off, but one thing is clear already: being bad definitely feels good.