Pokémon TV is available now on Nintendo Switch

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Pokémon TV is available now on Nintendo Switch.

In a brief new teaser shared on Pokemon's official YouTube channel, we see two kids watching Pokemon as they camp in their back yard – and get gatecrashed by a Pokemon-loving mom – plus a mother and her daughter making the best of a traffic jam, and a father entertaining his daughter by singing together on a lazy morning. Here, take a look:  

"What? Pokémon TV," teases the video description. "Where? Nintendo Switch. When? Available Now.

"You read that right – the Pokémon TV app is now available on Nintendo Switch!" it continues. "Enjoy your favorite episodes of Pokémon the Series, Play! Pokémon matches, and new Junior content for tiny Trainers!"

Pokémon TV was already available on smart TVs, mobiles, and tablets, but this is the first time we can download the new app on Nintendo Switch. 

"Fans have the opportunity to watch select episodes and seasons of Pokémon the Series, journeying with Ash and his friends from Kanto to Galar and everywhere in between!" The Pokemon Company explains (opens in new tab). "Trainers can also brush up on their Pokémon TCG strategy by watching select matches and training tips. The library of videos on Pokémon TV is frequently updated so there's always more to watch!"

While you can theoretically watch Pokémon TV on the Nintendo Switch on the go, don't forget that you will need a valid internet connection. 

Did you miss The Pokemon Presents presentation (opens in new tab) a few weeks back? While packed with announcements for upcoming games, highlights included Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends Arceus (opens in new tab), both of which received new story trailers as well as extended gameplay footage. 

We also found out that the Pokemon Unite Mobile version (opens in new tab) will be released on September 22, complete with Switch crossplay, and Pokemon Cafe Remix is the new name for Pokemon Cafe Mix.

The Pokemon Masters EX Two-Year Anniversary celebration also kicked off on the same day, and Pokemon Go Galar Pokemon will start appearing around the world in a special event from now until August 31. We also found out about a new special edition, black Nintendo Switch Lite with metallic gold and silver Dialga and Palkia designs on the back that's coming out ahead of the Diamond and Pearl remakes on November 5.

Pre-orders for all the upcoming games are now live on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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