Hawkeye's Pizza Dog is a good boy, gets Marvel comic of his own

Hawkeye #11 excerpt
Hawkeye #11 excerpt (Image credit: David Aja/Matt Hollingsworth (Marvel Comics))

The Disney Plus TV show may be called 'Hawkeye,' but Clint Barton will be fighting for the spotlight once viewers meet Kate Bishop and Lucky the Pizza Dog. Sensing that, Marvel not only has a Hawkeye: Kate Bishop comic series launching today, but there is also a surprise new Lucky the Pizza Dog comic debuting today on the publisher's Marvel Unlimited platform.

Lucky the Pizza Dog (Image credit: Jason Loo (Marvel Comics))

Jason Loo has written, drawn, and colored a Lucky the Pizza Dog one-off story titled 'Lucky Delivers,' in which the pie-crazed pup investigates a pizza delivery that never arrived to his and Kate Bishop's home.

Originally created by Matt Fraction and David Aja in 2012's Hawkeye #1, Lucky the Pizza Dog was a dog named Arrow that hung around the low-rent villains named the Track Suit Mafia. A chance meeting between Clint Barton and the dog (and Clint's good rapport with pets) leads the future Lucky to help the Avenger out in a fight with the Track Suit Mafia - a fight that, unfortunately, leaves the dog severely injured. He recovers from his wounds thanks to some TLC from Hawkeye, who went on to adopt the dog (and rename him 'Lucky').

Lucky the Pizza Dog became a key part of the Fraction/Aja/Annie Wu Hawkeye run (and had his own featured story in Hawkeye #11), and eventually came to be partners with Kate Bishop and appear in virtually all of her solo stories thereafter.

For now, the Lucky the Pizza Dog comic is a one-off -- but hey, if this proves popular enough, it could turn into something more.

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