Ping from the Radar - A letter from the Editor

Dear GR readers,

Hello! My name is Sophia Tong and I’m the new Editor in Chief of If you haven’t stumbled across my bio somewhere, here’s a quick summary: I grew up in the frigid white north known as "Canada," have worked at GameSpot and IGN, love games (especially point-and-click adventures), love to eat, take embarrassing photos of my dog (as you can tell), and take long, extended naps on weekends. When I’m not busy doing any of the above, I’m at work, leading a talented group of individuals from all over the world (US, UK and AU) who are dedicated to making GamesRadar the only place on the internet you want to visit! Well, maybe one of the two.

As you may have noticed, GamesRadar has been evolving, and we’re entering another exciting phase that’s going to be bursting with fun new content and a new look. You may already be aware of the new star-system review scale and the spiffy new game summary pages. But wait - there’s more! The hard-working engineers who do their thing behind the scenes are looking to make sure that GamesRadar looks its best, so be prepared for some homepage and site improvements.

Now before anybody freaks out at the thought of "change," I want to make sure you know that we welcome your feedback. GamesRadar is your site just as much as it is ours, and we want to hear what you want out of the site as we’re evolving. You can leave your thoughts here in the comments, or you can contact me on Twitter (@sophiatong). I am more than happy to address any questions or concerns you might have, and it would be nice to hear from you guys once in a while.

In the meantime, I wanted to highlight some of the exciting new content we have in store for you. We recently introduced a great new feature called GamesRadar's Game Club, similar to a Book Club, where we pick a game in our backlog and play through it in digestible chunks, then get together to talk about it. We encourage you come join in on the discussion.

Besides working on all-new content, we’re still keeping up to date with our weekly Top 7s on Mondays, and on Wednesdays we’ll be making our way through our 100 best games of all time to show you why each game made it onto our carefully curated list. You’ll also be able to find news, reviews, previews and other fun features to share, so please, chime in and take part in the discussion. We're even doing some debates on gaming's toughest issues.

And yes, we're going to be doing some podcasts. You like podcasts, right?

We're happy to see that you share our love of games, and we hope we'll be able to give you the kind of content you want alongside some new stuff that'll pleasantly surprise you! These days, gamers have a ton of things competing for their attention, so we'll be trying to sift through all the white noise and showcase the games that are worth a look. We figure, if it's on our radar, it should be on yours.

Happy gaming!

Sophia Tong
Editor in Chief

P.S. Bailey (pictured below) says hi.

Sophia Tong
Sophia is a transplanted Canadian who loves video games, dogs, poutine, snowboarding, photography, food, and naps.