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Ping from the Radar - A letter from the Editor

Hi GamesRadar readers!

It's been a long time since I've shared a picture of my dog... err, an update with you all. We have some new editors that have joined since my last update. They're all awesome and very excited to be here, so please take a moment to say hi and get to know them!

But there's more! I'm very excited to announce that we're expanding GamesRadar to be more than just a games site, and that means welcoming a whole new bunch of people to the family. You want more free content right? Who doesn't?!

Chances are, you're like us and love other forms of entertainment, not just video games. I want to introduce you all to Dave Bradley, the Group Editor-in-Chief of SFX and Total Film, two wonderful brands that you may already be familiar with, either by checking out their respective websites, or via their excellent magazines. Dave and his team are joining the GamesRadar family, providing awesome movies and TV features that will complement our games coverage. Our talented games team is still focused on bringing you the most entertaining, informative features out there, and Dave and his editors will keep you up to date with all the brilliant movies and TV shows that you're (probably) watching too. Stuff like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and more. If you like our voice, then you're going to love how our SFX and TF covers TV shows and movies.

I’m letting you know early so that when we go live with a new movies and TV channels in the near future, you'll know what to expect. Please join me in welcoming the new members of the team! We'll have an updated editorial bio page for them all soon, so you can always reach out with any questions to us directly. We love to hear from you!

Thanks for your continued support. I've asked Dave to share some thoughts below!

Hi folks! Thank you Sophia and thank you all for making us welcome on your amazing site. I feel like we're teaming up, Avengers style. Can I be Iron Man?

As Sophia's hinted, we're going to create a supergroup of entertainment, erm, stuff all in one place. Let me introduce what we bring to that assemblage. Total Film is the modern guide to movies. It's one of the biggest film titles in the world and Future's bestselling magazine. It's edited by Rosie Fletcher. SFX is the market leading science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine. Launched in 1995, it'll soon celebrate its 20th birthday, and it's edited by Richard Edwards. Both teams are experts at gathering news, reviews, interviews and features about films, TV, books, comics and more, and we'll bring all that into the GamesRadar fortress from November.

You'll start seeing some of our detailed TV reviews appearing as soon as this week, for the likes of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Then from November all our excellent Total Film content will be ported over to GamesRadar for you to check out, including our reviews of every movie, and some fantastic, fun features. You'll get dozens of posts a week covering all the best in big and small screen entertainment, as well as trailers, competitions, book offers and all the cool things we've been covering for years - now available right here alongside everything your favourite site already does. Sweet.

I look forward to hanging out here and seeing you guys every day. Please do get in touch with suggestions and feedback. Be seeing you, Dave

Dave was once the Group Editor-in-Chief for Future's film group, but now he's the COO of Pocket Gamer and Pocket Gamer Biz. He also freelances for SFX Magazine and hosts the Robby The Robot's Waiting podcast with a couple of friends.