Pimp My Ride: Street Racing review

Might want to include some actual pimping


  • Earn scrilla to pimp your ride
  • "Cool" hip-hop vibe
  • Fast
  • arcadey racing


  • Very little pimping
  • Nothing beyond mediocre
  • No Xzibit or West Coast Customs

For a game supposedly based on MTV’s shamefully addictive car-modding show, there’s very little pimping here. In fact, the options for doing up your vehicle don’t seem much more expansive than what you’d find in a Need for Speed title.

In a rather predictable turn of events, you start out with an old banger and then complete races to earn cash to buy rims, spoilers, paintjobs and the like. The game’s currency is ‘scrilla’, and we have to admit that with challenges called things like Bling Daddies and Panzer Rapper, this walks the dropped-shoulder West Coast walk. The racing is arcadey in a Burnout way but not particularly tough, with frequent nitro pickups and forgiving crashes.

This is totally average, but made more disappointing by the fact we couldn’t see Xzibit or the West Coast Customs ‘crew’ anywhere in it. Pointless!

Jul 7, 2009

More Info

DescriptionDespite being named after the once popular MTV car improvement series, this is just a hum-drum racing game with less customization than most car titles.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date24 March 2009 (US), 6 June 2009 (UK)