Peter Molyneux: Fable II was "rubbish"

The whole point of playing a Fable game is hero evolution - witnessing his or her transformation based on the specific choices and actions you, as the player, make. Only in Fable II, our characters rarely changed how we wanted or expected them to, and there was no reliable way to predict their final look. Go evil and you'd end up with a giant horned beast, when you might have wanted a slick assassin.

Fable III's hero evolution can be planned to a certain degree. Use a lot of magic and your character's complexion will change. Use a lot of guns and your character will grow taller. Use a lot of swords and your character will grow stronger and bulkier. Mix and match as you see fit.

Improving the co-op

Inviting a second hero into your version of Albion for quests and adventures seemed like such a promising concept in Fable II. The reality was incredibly disappointing. Visiting players couldn't bring their own customized hero, but had to settle for being a premade male or female "henchman," and their impact was only noticeable if they happened to murder their friends' spouses of children.

In Fable III, however, the second player can be the first player's spouse. The two can have children together, and make decisions about ruling the kingdom together. Or they can split up and explore the same world separately. Best of all, the second player can import their own, unique hero instead of acting as a generic sidekick.

So, are you sold? Do you think Fable III will improve what was wrong with Fable II? Or did you like the Fable formula exactly the way it already was? Discuss in the comments. Here's the Fable III E3 2010 trailer to get you started:

Jun 23, 2010