Peter Dinklage Will Be The Villain In X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Following yesterday’s news that Peter ( Game Of Thrones ) Dinklage had been cast in X-Men: Days Of Future Past the internet was alight with speculation about which X-Man he might be playing. Of course, there was another possibility – he might be playing a villain rather than a hero.

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And that’s exactly what sources close to Variety have suggested – that Dinklage will be the "main antagonist."

Not that we know who that might be.

Certainly, there’s no immediately obvious major candidate from the original comic-book storyline, though we strongly suspect the film isn’t going to much like the comic-book storyline anyway, other than in sharing the same basic “alternate future” shtick. Internet speculation seems to be favouring Modok, but that – for the moment – seems to be fuelled by little more than “because he’s short.”

As we said yesterday, we’d be more impressed if Dinklage is playing a character not normally defined by their shortness. Why not Mastermind? Or Mesmero?

This won’t be the first time Dinklage has played a villain in a big FX movie: he was Dr Simon Barsinister in Underdog , but he might not thank us for mentioning that…

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