Pet Alien in your pocket

Friday 29 June 2007
Pet Alien, a puzzle game based on the CGI children's TV series of the same name, will hit DS this September -and we've got the first screenshotshere. The game is looking like being just as child-friendly as the TV show it comes from, and will feature familiar characters, such as youngster Tommy Cadle, whose life is turned upside down after the arrival of his new alien friends, Gumpers, Dinko, Swanky, Flip and Scruffy.

Of course, a simple meeting of boy and aliens wouldn't make for much of a videogame, and Tommy soon gets kidnapped by the evil Robotix. So his friends must find a way to get him back. Cue top-down tilted puzzling.

The game is set to feature 'squash and stretch' 3D CGI and 2D animated sprites in the style of the cartoon. There will also be 80 levels over four themed environments and five stylus-based minigames. Here's hoping it's better than the majority of kiddie-fare that finds its way onto DS.

Justin Towell

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