Contrary to that ker-azy title, ParaWorld isn't actually based on the SAS, the Special Olympics or the X-Files. It's actually an RTS with an emphasis on sharp teeth and rank breath...

ParaWorld's real strength stems from the dino factor, which an incredible amount of imagination and silky art skills have obviously gone into. From vicious little raptors, robo scorpions and Pteradons packing rocket launchers to Titans complete with full body armour, they're stunningly animated and beautifully realised.

As well as the usual RTS fare of harvesting food, wood and stone to weapons and buildings, you can level up your dino's armour through five stages by retrieving skulls from fallen foes.

RTSs have a tendency to get bogged down with fiddly micromanagement, hence the 'Army Controller' - ParaWorld's revolutionary new command system. It displays a hierarchy of your available warriors and workers, all the way down from your party chieftain to humble log gatherers.

Unfortunately, this system restricts you to a mere 52 troops, making ParaWorld's battles potentially a lot less epic than rivals like Rome: Total War. Fingers crossed the majesty of the dinos can make up for this shortfall...

Reminding us of those halcyon days of our childhood when we spent our afternoons debating who would win in a scrap between an Allasaurus and a Stegosaurus, we're getting pretty hot under the collar about ParaWorld.