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Palette-Swap Ninja releases new "Arcade Gaming Shrine" video - we're in it!

Longtime readers and TalkRadar listeners knowPalette-Swap Ninjawell - they're the musical duo who create video game-themed parodies of popular songs, sort of like an even geekier Weird Al Yankovic. Their latest, "Arcade Gaming Shrine," can be seen below, and was shot on location during theCalifornia Extremearcade show with a little help from some friendly games journalists.

Above: Watch carefully for several GamesRadar (and former GamesRadar) editor cameos!

Above: Their "Halo (All I Play-oh)" song from last year blew up pretty big

From frontman Dan Amrich, akaOneOfSwords:

"Arcade Gaming Shrine" is a riff on Bowling For Soup's "1985," which I'll admit I've still never heard to this day. But who needs the real version when there's one with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter references?

October 8, 2010

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