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Pacific Storm: Allies review

A muddy tsunami of real-time strategic detail


  • Huge scope
  • Controlling aircraft is fun
  • Realistic detail


  • Too much to manage
  • Gameplay feels unpolished
  • AI is feeble

Another epic RTS/simulation hybrid covering the fight between the Allies and the Japanese in the Pacific during WWII comes nipping at the heels of Battlestations: Midway. Unlike its fun-but-slightly-dumbed-down arcadey cousin, the emphasis in Pacific Storm: Allies is on the astounding scale of the conflict, and on fiddly real-time strategy rather than shooting things to pieces in person.

The concept is great: a Total War-style strategic recreation of the war, with you controlling all building and construction options on the zoomed-out map, and then taking control of individual battles as you and the enemy clash over control of individual territories.

More Info

DescriptionAnother epic RTS/simulation hybrid with a great concept but unfortunately military housekeeping appears to absorb approximately 95% of your time.
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating3+
Release date21 January 2008 (US), 27 May 2007 (UK)