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OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

Sick of the relentless realism, turbine-upgrading and constant bodywork-pimping of current racers? Are you eager for a nostalgia trip, free from lame decals and tacky spoilers? Then keep your eyes peeled forOutRun 2006:Coast 2 Coast.

Blue skies, palm trees and the most arcade-style handling you've ever experienced await in OutRun 2006. Going back to glorious basics, accelerator and brake buttons are all you need. Forget handbrake turns, crash-breakers and ramps that have you flying through multi-story parking lots and smashing through windows.

OutRun 2006gives you some cheesy, chilled-out tunes to listen to, including two new ones from the man behind the original arcade OutRun music. You'll also get your hands on a soft-top Ferrari - Sega has bagged the Ferrari license and will include 12 different car models in the game.

Plus, of course, you have a girl sitting by your side whose comments ("How far are you going to take me?") and shrieks of delight when you powerslide perfectly around a corner are more than enough incentive to drive as well as possible.

The 30 stages in the game are a mixture taken from the best of OutRun 2 and the OutRun 2 SP arcade game. There's an evolved Heart Attack mode, where you need to impress whichever of the three girls you choose in a different way - one might be won over by powerslides, another pure speed. Other modes include Time Attack and Flagman races, which are really just straightforward checkpoint races.

New stuff aside, though, it's still the OutRun we know and love, the perfect game to get you in the mood for summer.