Outlaw Golf 2: Exclusive new shots

Outlaw Golf 2 provides irreverent fun of the golfing kind for those who like a little more spice when peppering the greens. A simple glance to the right at these exclusive screenshots underlines the fact that, when it comes to risque clubbers, OG2 swings with the best of them.

The game is full of modes that wouldn't make it into any 'respectable' golfing title but OG2 likes to throw the etiquette and staid nature of the game out of the window. Multiplayer modes such as Baseball (erm, golf with baseball rules), Bingo Bango (points for various elements of play other than just winning the hole), My One and Only (one-club golfing) provide plenty of variety for one to four players.

But our favourite mode is Pick Up Sticks. It's a head-to-head tee-off with a nasty twist: the winner of each hole gets to take away a club from the loser. That's just plain evil, especially when you remove their driver at the first opportunity. A winner of a hole can choose to have one of his clubs returned or take another one off the loser. Whichever tactic's employed, you just know it's going to lead to an unseemly ruck in the clubhouse.

The Outlaw series is well known for its brazenly humorous take on sport and OG2 isn't going to change that one little bit.

Outlaw Golf 2 will be teeing off on PS2 and Xbox in November