Original Xbox games issue persists

Microsoft is attempting to reassure gamers that it does indeed care about backwards compatibility after its vice president of gaming Peter Moore declared last week that "nobody is concerned anymore" about it.

A post on the blog of a member of Microsoft's marketing team has reaffirmed the company's commitment to allowing Xbox 360 owners to play their old Xbox games on the new console.

Written by team member John Porcaro, the post reads: "Rest assured, we're not done yet. We know for a fact that there are lots of people who continue to care about backwards compatibility, including the 'emulation ninjas' who are working full-time on the updates. And those of us posting on this blog. And, of course, many of you."

The post seems to be an attempt to repair some of the damage done by Peter Moore, who appears to have misjudged the importance of backwards compatibility among consumers.

Backwards compatibility has proved to be a tricky issue for Microsoft as each Xbox game has to be patched to work on 360 hardware. But while Moore feels that "there's enough, let's move on", Microsoft is currently in the process of making 12 more Xbox games playable on the 360.