Open world racer Dangerous Driving 2 is a spiritual successor to Burnout Paradise

(Image credit: Three Fields Entertianment)

Dangerous Driving 2 has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

The racer is aiming for a Holiday 2020 release and is being developed by Three Field Entertainment, a studio that has several ex-Burnout alumni. 

It's a sequel to last year's Burnout throwback, Dangerous Driving, and it's introducing a dynamic open world to the series. You'll be able to either race in set events against AI drivers or go for a relaxing ride in freedrive mode. And by relaxing, we actually mean you'll be hunting out ways to put the game's emergent crash mechanics to the test. 

In a press release announcing the news, Three Fields creative director Alex Ward promised that “Dangerous Driving 2 will truly be our best game yet - delivering new features our fans have been clamouring for such as Nintendo Switch support and split screen, building on the innovations we as game makers are passionate about including interactive music and emergent game modes as well as addressing the areas we weren’t happy with in the last game.”

If a spiritual successor to Burnout Paradise sounds right up your street — and you're lucky enough to be going to PAX East — you'll be able to try out the game at the expo from the 27 February to 1 March. If you can't make it to Boston for PAX, keep an eye on the official site for further information. 

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