OlliOlli World cinematic trailer stars a fist bump from god

OlliOlli World
(Image credit: Roll 7)

OlliOlli World has a new cinematic trailer, and it's a goddamn delight.

The debut cinematic trailer for Roll7's brand new skateboarding sim arrived earlier today, and it's a rip-roaring ride through that titular world.

Starting at the top of a stomach-churning drop and ending in a literally heavenly mega-ramp, the new trailer runs the gamut of what you can expect from OlliOlli World. There's a banging soundtrack, skateboards going through ice creams and under cars, a shredded goose in one of those cars, and a fist bump from what we can only assume is god himself. Quite how Roll7 actually managed to mash all this together into one cinematic trailer is beyond us.

At the end of the new trailer, there's even the reveal of some brand new pre-order offerings for OlliOlli World. Those who pre-order any edition of the new game will bag a BunnyLord Head, Hero T-Shirt, Hero Skate Deck, Hero Arm Cast, and Hero Tattoos, all of which hail from Not a Hero, developer Roll7's previous game.

OlliOlli World launches in exactly two weeks from now, arriving on February 8 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms all on the same day. We've already got to spend some time with Roll7's new game, and for why we think it might just be the first essential game of the new year, you can head over to our full OlliOlli World preview for more.

In fact, OlliOlli World even offers 120FPS support if you pick it up on PS5, perfect for grinding out those rails in super smooth motion.

Hirun Cryer

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