Nintendo: 'several new titles for core gamers at E3'

Nintendo's director of public relations Marc Franklin has said that core gamers should expect great things from the company at E3.

"We will be announcing several new titles that core gamers will be interested in around the time of E3," he told GamePro (opens in new tab)recently.

Speculation has run rampant about Nintendo's release schedule near the end of this year. We're crossing our fingers for more Pilotwings, Starfox or Pikmin action.

Whilst the first half of 2008 was full of goodness in the form of Mario Kart and Smash Bros, the post-June line-up is looking a bit bare. Nintendo looks set to rectify this at E3.

Franklin also fielded a question on whether Nintendo's audience is now compromised of casual players instead of core gamers.

"The clear majority of people waiting in line outside retailers on Sunday mornings to buy their Wii consoles are core gamers," said Franklin.

Which surprises us on a number of levels, not least being that we didn't know people were still queuing outside shops for hardware. You can pick them up quite easily now, y'know...

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 17, 2008