Nintendo explain Mario Makers weird time delayed content

Whether you're oogling some of the best user-created levels out there or cringing at some of stinkiest abominations, Super Mario Maker is proving to be one tasty treat. Sadly, there was a sour note from the oddly time gated content - something that was seemingly patched out or changed almost as soon as people started complaining. The modern take on Mario Paint certainly has a lot of tools at its disposal, but most players didn't see why they had to wait to get at them.

In the latest issue of Edge, Nintendo producer Takeshi Tezuka explains why he and his team aired away from releasing every element from day one. "This decision was part of our basic policy. We wanted the rewards to increase as you became more familiar with the game and to look forward to what would unlock the next day," he says. "From our testing, we learned that if too much was available all at once then many players weren’t sure what they should do and didn’t have as much fun with the game. However, I do understand the feeling of wanting to unlock things earlier."

Obviously, that idea went out the window almost as soon as it was announced, with [checks] no one wanting all the good stuff teased out on a 24 hour timer. As a result Mario Maker now unlocks stuff in minutes rather than days which sounds like the best of both worlds really.

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