NHL 07

Two years and a horse trailer of Pabst Ice later, EA Canada has stunning visuals. On the 360, it matched or beat anything that's been published to date. Each player is detailed to the very way they wear their socks. The facial resemblance is uncanny. The stadiums are brilliant, the ice is etched real-time, and the goalies…oh, the goalies.

Physically, the goalies have come to life. EA has implemented new puck physics, so the biscuit is unpredictable. The goalies had to be redesigned to compensate the play. We witnessed a puck hit a blocker, drop to the ice, be kicked by a defensive player trying to close the gap, and our eyes popped at the reaction of the goal keep. To save the puck, the goalie sidestepped and lunged backwards with his glove open.

There are some things still to be cleaned up. However, if the game content matches the gameplay and visuals, there may be a true revolution in sports gaming headed our way this fall.