NFS Most Wanted: Played!

Compared to EA's newest racing acquisition Burnout, the last Need for Speed outing was a little underwhelming.

While it sold well to those gamers who prefer to spend their money on fully established, 'safe' buys, Need for Speed wasn't anywhere near Burnout's level.

However, thanks to the new graphical splendour bestowed upon this new iteration by the advanced power of Xbox 360 (or should we say, ), NFS has been given a new lease of life.

Everything's just so much more intricately detailed than before. Playing on a high definition TV, the cars are endowed with amazing detail and look incredible.

The scenery's not too shabby either, with loads of stunning roadside features, realistically complex trees and a wealth of dazzling effects, such as the bright sun glare that replicates the sort of visual blindness you get in real life when you emerge from a dark tunnel into beaming sunlight.

The game is fast. Very fast. Here's where it takes a leaf out of Burnout's book. Speed is what it's all about and from the video below you'll be able to see what we mean. So check it out right now, even if you didn't necessarily think much of the series' previous outing.

Need for Speed Most Wanted will be released for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, DS and PSP in November. It will also be available for Xbox 360, however a release date has not yet been announced