GamesRadar takes day off, nation gives thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day here in the US. Thus, whether you view this as a moment of peace, when two separate cultures came together to share their lives and pie recipes, or as the beginning of the white man's cruel wresting of the land from the Native Americans, the point is: there's football on TV and food on the table.

So, we're going to give thanks - lots of thanks - and we'll be back on Monday. Save us a leg.

Tecmo plans Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 playing cards

The headline pretty much says it all: this story fromKotakuexplains that you will soon be able to purchase cards with virtual cheesecake adorning their usually bland faces. At $30 a pop, that's some expensive soft porn. But it gives us an excuse to run this screen and pimp our movie again - gohereand look for "Sexy Antics 11-21-06", so it's important to us today.

Price of PSone game downloads for PS3 revealed

Sony alsodished that it plans to charge from $5.99 to $10.99 for downloadable PSone games, which will range in size from 140MB to 550MB, that you should then be able to play on PSP.

We haven't yet decided what we think of that price. On one hand, $6 is way too much for crap like Kileak: the DNA Imperative, but $11 for a giant RPG like Final Fantasy VII (whichhas to beway larger than 550MB, actually) or a great game like Metal Gear Solid wouldn't be too bad - especially considering how many of us paid full price for that damn Ape Escape port back at the PSP launch. No word yet on just when the downloads will first become available.

DS players get free Zelda sword... kind of

Don't get too excited. It's not really what you think. Unless you think players who fire up their copy of the DS game Animal Crossing: Wild World will find their character has received a letter from Nintendo granting them - the character, not the player - a decorative statue of Link's sword sticking up from a Tri-Force-engraved pedestal. Apparently, it's in celebration of the Wii launch, though the sword may have been in the game all along, asthisposter drolly observes. A small gesture, but a nice one.

Sony to a select few: tread on me

Sony has contracted athletic shoe manufacturer Nike to create a PS3-themed shoe. The rumored downside is that there will only be a couple dozen pairs of the shoe actually made - which makes them, what, twice as easy to find as an actual PlayStation 3?

They look good, too.Check it out.

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November 22, 2006