Want a PS3?

Yeah, we know - not everyone who wants a PS3 got one. Hell, most of our staff doesn't have their own units yet. Just as we predicted inour recent feature (opens in new tab), a site has popped up to help you find one.Playstation Finder (opens in new tab)has an email alert system that notifies you immediately whenever a system shows up on an online retailer. Now, once about a billion people subscribe to this service it might be useless, but it's worth keeping an eye on - it might just get you the system you want without having to payhideous eBay prices (opens in new tab). Oh, yeah, it costs $6.50. We have no idea how good it is, either. But there you go.

More reasonable... just a car, this time

A couple of days ago we brought younews (opens in new tab)of a totally psychotic eBay auction for an Atari 2006 game: Atlantis II. Today, we have something much more sensible. The Nintendo World Championships in 1990 handed out cartridges to the 26 finalists. These gold NES carts contain the special three-game circuit used to pick the winners. They're pretty damn rare: according tothe auction (opens in new tab), less than 10 of the 26 have been accounted for in the last 16 years. Now's your chance to own one, for $15,000 - or less.

PS3 a "great bargain"

So claims the guy who tore one apart, anyway. Andrew Rassweiler, who works for iSuppli - apparently a website that tears things apart and figures out how much they cost to make - has laid his hands on the steaming guts of the PlayStation 3 and judged it. AsNext Generation reports (opens in new tab), he sounds extremely impressed with what you get for your cash. The 60GB PS3 costs $840.35 to put together while the Xbox 360 Premium Pack costs a mere $323.30. Who wins? We do... if you can actually find a PS3 in stores, that is.

Not sure about PS3 yet?

This should help a bit. Take-Two, the company behind the Rockstar and 2K Games publishing labels, has announced that it has 20 PS3 games in the works,Next Gen reports (opens in new tab). More than seven of those are from Rockstar - includingGrand Theft Auto IV (opens in new tab), of course, which will hit next October. (The same time it releases on the 360, it's worth noting.) If one publisher has 20 games in the works, how many do you think we'll be seeing by this time next year? Things are looking pretty rosy for Sony after all.

New screens

City Life: World Edition(PC (opens in new tab))
Excite Truck(Wii (opens in new tab))
Fight Night Round 3(PS3 (opens in new tab))
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (PS3 (opens in new tab))
Pokemon Diamond / Pearl(DS (opens in new tab))
Sega Genesis Collection(PSP (opens in new tab))
The Shield (PS2 (opens in new tab))

New videos

Call of Duty 3 (Wii (opens in new tab))
Excite Truck (Wii (opens in new tab))
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (PS3 (opens in new tab))
Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS (opens in new tab))

November 17, 2006