Pokemon attack Tokyo

We've got a preview of the import version in the works - never fear - but we thought we'd bring you a quick note to remind you: Pokemon Diamond / Pearl, for the DS, has hit Japan. The lines are long - 150 people outside of one store in Tokyo. As Wired blogger Chris Kohlerpoints out, the DS has managed to ravage Japan before Pokemon even came out. Where is there to go but into the stratosphere?

Raiding next-gen tombs

Poring through very dullfinancial statementsisn't usually worth the time. But sometimes, they do manage to eke out a bit of exciting new info. Looks like - based on the success of the totally enjoyable Tomb Raider Legend - Lara Croft is back into the swing of yearly sequels... and the latest one is next-gen. During the 2008 fiscal year - which, confusingly (since we're not accountants) runs from July 2007 till June 2008 - Eidos will ship "new versions of Tomb Raider (including a PS3 version) and many of our other key franchises." That means next Holiday season, we reckon. Sounds good to us.

Reggie talks Wii on ABC

Here's something handy - if you need to explain to a friend, your mom or that special someone what makes the Wii so damn cool but you lack the presence of mind to do it in mere moments. Or maybe you're confused yourself - whatever. ABC News has posted avideo interviewwith executive superstar Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America. Quickly and relatively cleanly, he outlines the differences that make the Wii system stand out from the PS3 and 360. It's also packed with extremely silly video of people diving around couches and rather sexy clips of Zelda. So get to it - share it with someone you love who doesn't give a crap about video games and see what they have to say.

Feel our pain

We wanted to write a simple story about the new downloadable pack of options for Saints Row: facial hair, clothing, "Bling," etc. But we're too busy choking back our gorge to tell you that it's a mere 100 Microsoft points and has been available since Wednesday to gamers eager to customize their super-street personas.

You see, the problem is that we've been getting emails like this for months. Naively, we hoped they'd stop when the game came out. But in the world of microtransactions... that just can't happen. "All you Saints Row gangstas earning mad cash online listen up... It's time to strip off the pimp jacket and trade it in for spiked leather. You ready for this playa?"

Excuse us - we're about to say hi to lunch.

Poor Lady Miss Kier

As much as we love 1989 dance hit "Groove is in the Heart" - and the underratedDewdrops in the Garden- we were confused when Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier sued Sega over its dance game Space Channel 5 - specifically, its frontwoman Ulala. Yeah, they both rock a swingin' '60s style, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Well, according to our redoubtable sister siteNext Generation, that's how the courts see it, too. The suit has finally wrapped up and LMK now owes Sega $600,000 for legal fees. Whoops! Since the song probably gets on both "Best of the '80s!" and "Totally '90s!" compilation CDs, maybe she can make it back in royalty payments.

New Screens

Ridge Racer 7 (PS3)
MotoGP (PSP)
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (PSP)
Gunpey (DS,PSP)
Eternal Sonata (360)
Spectral Souls (PSP)
Doom - Xbox Live Arcade (360)
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (360,PC)
Hellgate: London (PC)
Portal (PC,360,PS3)
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (PC,360,PS3)
ParaWorld (PC)
Forza Motorsport 2 (360)

New Videos

Project Gotham Racing 4 (360)
Army of Two (360,PS3)
Spectral Souls (PSP)
Sid Meier's Railroads! (PC)
Sega Genesis Collection (PSP,PS2)

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September 28, 2006