New White Knight Story shots

It's been almost one year since we last saw or heard anything from White Knight Story, PS3's impressively-animated and glossy RPG from Dragon Quest creator Level 5. But this fresh handful of images, showing both cutscene and gameplay action, suggest the game is still looking promising.

The footage revealed last September hinted at an expansive, fluid and exciting game - perhaps not a complete RPG revolution, but certainly something to give the genre a much needed boot up the unmentionables. While these screens give few details away, they do look nice. Don't you think?

We especially like the look of the tall, scarecrow-esque boss character - and how satisfyingly the White Knight super-alter-ego of the lead character seems to clash with the aforementioned leggy brute. With the Leipzig games event just around the corner (at the end of August), it can't be long before we see more of this White Knight story.

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July 31, 2007

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