New shots from Age of Conan

Aug 20, 2007

So, at this week's Games Convention in Leipzig Funcom is holding a behind-closed-doors demonstration of Age of Conan's siege warfare system.

"In the game," the developer tells us, "guilds will be able to construct entire battlekeeps for themselves and they can even capture and destroy other guild's battlekeeps by going into battle against them. Players will enter into epic struggles for fame, fortune and land using swords, cavalry and catapults as they charge towards each other on the blood-soaked battlefields of Hyboria."

Sounds pretty cool on paper, so let's hope it's as good in practice.

Several new AoC screenshots have been posted up in ourarchivefor you viewing pleasure, so enjoy.

Age of Conan is now due out in March 2008 on PC. An in-development Xbox 360 version is set for release... at a later date.