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New screens honor the legacy of Donkey Kong Country - but WHY?

We got a strange little screenshot bundle today featuring a tidal wave of celebratory DK deliciousness, some of which was… surprising, to say the least. Half of the folder’s contents we expected, but the other half were completely out of the blue and should warm the hearts of damn near anyone who owned a SNES. They also sent our imaginations reeling (You’ll have toclick to the next pageto see whatI mean)...

This isn’t to say we’re not giddy to see spankin’ new pics of the Donkey and Diddy’s colorful reunion. It’s gorgeous. Truly, a glorious return to DK form after years of little more than bongo-bangin’ and party game appearances. Let there be no doubt: Donkey Kong Country Returns easily sits atop GR’s must own list of 2010, and the classically inspired gameplay even managed to win over the notoriously coldhearted Brett Elston duringa recent preview of the first five levels, which these screenshots elaborate on beautifully.

Above: Diddy, quite carelessly, firing off his jetpack right on Donkey Kong’s head

Above: Wii Carty!

Above: A barrel-blastin’ stage is also a Country requirement

Above: The daring ape escape Mr. Elston spoke about inour latest preview

Above: Neither Limbo nor Sin City.But these Suset Shoressilhouettes do containa couple of "perspective" puzzles

Above: That’s one way to elude Tidal Terror

You want to see all of today's shots bigger than life?Head here.After that? Click on over to the next pageto see the unexpected shots we received today. Old School DKC fans are in for a real treat…