New Resident Evil 7 screens introduce more of 'the family'

Resident Evil 7's already got quite a murder hillbilly vibe (let's call them killbillies shall we?) channeling things like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes' dysfunctional families. This new image just cements that with a grim table of intestines for lunch. Hey, you haven't touched yours? 

These news screens (via Gemastu) were sent out to members of the Resident Evil Ambassadors program and include the image up there and this, slightly less exciting one, along with the message:

“We hope you’re also looking forward to the new Resident Evil 7: Biohazard info we’ll be releasing at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 later this week!”

This main image though seems to show of Jack (centre) and Marguerite (right) from the Beginning Hour and Lantern demo's respectively. That guy on the left potentially could be Lucas, their son described as 'a bad seed'. Although what that makes punchy Jack and screaming Marge, I don't know. 

Interestingly, while that plane environment screen looks like the house from the Beginning Hour demo, the shot of the family is in a new location. It also looks like a flashback - everyone's cleaner and less murdery, while the house - table full of intestines aside - looks more normal, with post-it notes, fridge photos and a calendar ('things to do: go mad, kill stuff'). 

We should be finding out more pretty soon as the Tokyo Game Show is on right now and we're promised we might finally find out more about Resident Evil 7's mystery dummy finger

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