New Mass Effect screens

Still without an official release date, Mass Effect is back in the limelight with the release ofa fresh batch ofscreenshots.

Among other things, you'll notice that BioWare has been tinkering with Shepard's head, and he now looks a bit like the similarly namedJack from Lost. (Is there a connection? OMG! -To the message boards!) Consequently, some of the aliens look like Hurley and there are plenty of hatches on Shepard's ship.

Above: This is the recently unveiled Krogan race.Thanks to their ability to reproduce and mature at an alarming rate, these thick-skinned, reptilian bipeds arebouncing back from a nuclear holocaust of their own making,and may be on the brink of some sort of revolution. Very cool stuff.And they kinda look like Gears of War's Berserkercreaturegussied up informal wearfor some ungodly prom

June 15, 2007