New International Track & Field - interview

Oct18, 2007

This is ostensibly an update of eons-old button-masher Track & Field - the one with the odd mustachioed athletes. But really we think NIT&F is the spiritual successor to Konami Krazy Racers - the Konami-soaked GBA launch game. Dave Cox of Sumo Digital speaks…

Did it take a while to settle on the controls?

Dave Cox:
Yes. One thing we learned is that everyone has a different take on how to play, so users can configure the controls how they want in the final game - if you want to play "button-mashing" style, you can.

Is the team at Sumo Digital constantly setting new records?

We're at 10.30m in the long jump right now. Get the right speed and optimum angle and you'll do a Bionic jump. Each event has little gags or hidden stuff that you have to discover. Scrub just before GO! in the 100m, for example, and you'll get a little boost. And who knows what creatures you can find in the long jump sand pit.

Wi-Fi's going to be great, isn't it?

Cox: We're very proud of it. Up to four people can play locally or over the internet. You can create a player profile on the website, design your own gear, and then download it into the game. You can also download the current rankings for any event and design your own cups for tournaments. If a friend's online and breaks a record, the in-game ticker tape tells you. If the world record is broken, all players connected see the news.